About us

The future of work is hybrid

Who are we?

We are convinced that hybrid working will become the new standard. However, it is often overlooked that many employees have to work at home under unprofessional working conditions.

The future of the “New Work” is being defined now. We want to actively make our contribution to it.

Our vision

Onyo stands for sustainability in the working world:

  • Cost efficiency in the context of flexoffice,
  • Healthier team members,
  • Higher productivity through ergonomic setups,
  • Work health and safety,
  • Talent retention and employee experience.

Our mission

Did you know that 90% of global employers will adopt hybrid work models?

A majority of employees will work from home 20-30% of the time in the future.

However: 2/3 of employees do not have a professional work environment.

onyo Gründer

Niao Wu and Jens Wöhrle launched onyo during the pandemic. With years of experience in workplace strategy and design but also from IT, onyo is completely reshaping the future of work through digital processes!

Working at the coffee table is a thing of the past. Through our ecosystem, we unite employers, employees and co-workers. The benefits are clear: lower employee turnover, healthier and more productive team members, and cost efficiency in the flex office.

The numbers speak for themselves...

Home office is an indispensable complement to flex office

1 %
of employees are unprofessionally equipped at home
1 %
of office space will shift to the home office
1 %
of professionals prefer hybrid working
0 %
of managers want to continue offering the hybrid work model

Secure your place as a pioneer in the New Work

Nowadays, every fifth job advertisement explicitly offers home office. We help you to sustainably increase productivity and satisfaction in the home office. With onyo you have the opportunity to win top talents for yourself and to bind them to your company in the long term. Stand out with a special home office offer!