Numerous reasons speak for onyo!


2/3 of our employees have inadequate equipment at home. The health risks are enormous. For example, 65% of office workers suffer from back pain, 60% from headaches and 46% from tired, strained eyes. This is directly attributable to the poor workplace at the kitchen table, for example.



Based on a study by the Fraunhofer Institute, productivity in the home office drops by an average of -25% with poor equipment.

Employees may be present, but they are not working efficiently. The resulting inefficiencies can affect the long-term success of the company.

Employee Experience

With hybrid working, the “churn rate” increases. Employees identify less and less with their employer. A gym subscription as a “benefit” is no longer a unique selling point.

Stand out from the crowd, inspire and retain talent at your company. A professional home office setup creates an exciting psychological “lock-in” effect and thus strong employee loyalty to the company. 


Cost-efficient Flexoffice

In a full-cost calculation, a workstation costs an average of €700 per month per employee.

By professionally equipping your employees at home, you can actively reduce the number of workstations. With 0.7 workstations/employee, you reduce the monthly expenses per employee for the office by ~€210. This compares to costs of only ~40€ per month and team member, provided that all employees accept the offer.

Work safety

There is also a legal requirement to ensure occupational health and safety in mobile working and home offices. As an employer, you are responsible for this. The equipment of employees in the home office does not usually result in “teleworking”.

Our complementary offering of workplace analytics and audits ensures security and compliance in hybrid working.

Team meeting

Works Council

In modern works council work, the focus is on the employees.

Advocate for employees when new work concepts of “New Work” are designed. E.g. when the flex office quota is negotiated, company health is not ensured or a supplement to the next collective salary increase is to become part of the negotiation mass.

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