Actively support employees in the home office


Do you want to ensure that your employees have the best conditions to work in a home office? 

Then it’s up to you to actively support your employees in creating a work-friendly environment. There are a few points to consider.

Technical equipment

Not every employee has a separate room within their own four walls that can be used as an office. Nevertheless, it is possible to set up a home office even in small apartments, which makes it possible to work in a focused manner. However, it´s important that the employees are equipped with the right technology. This includes a powerful laptop as well as a headset that can be used for virtual meetings and block out distracting background noise. In addition to the right technology, a fast and stable Internet connection is another important factor. 

Office equipment

Many employees don´t have professional office equipment in their home office and often use the kitchen table and a normal chair. This may work for a short period of time, but in the long run it´s detrimental to health, as it leads to poor posture and back and neck pain. Make sure that your employees have professional and ergonomic equipment by providing them with it. By doing so, you will not only actively promote the health and productivity of your employees, but also be able to retain them at the same time, as they will feel valued.

Digital office

To ensure that employees have access to all documents relevant to their work at all times, you should also be well positioned digitally and ensure that documents can be edited together regardless of location and device. A cloud solution isan ideal solution.

However, digitization doesn´t only include work-relevant documents, but also the HR department, which is responsible for ensuring that it´s accessible to employees at all times, even in the digital age. Applications, sick notes, pay slips should be transmitted in digital form. An all-in-one HR solution is an solution.


When it comes to working hours, it’s up to you whether you want to track them or alternatively opt for trust-based working hours. If there is no longer a fixed office, you as the employer relinquish your control to a certain extent and have to trust that your employees are also productive in the home office. One way to express trust in your employees is to introduce flexible work schedules. 


Working from a home office eliminates shared communication and small talk in the office. This makes it all the more important to strengthen the sense of community within the team, for example by using virtual team meetings, team events or coffee breaks where employees can exchange ideas with each other. Don’t underestimate communication, as it´s important for any working relationship. Employees should get along and work well together as a team, so it’s important that they can build a relationship with their team members.

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