Find out the latest news about hybrid working.

Team in der Pause Blog
Many company leaders disagree on this question. Some insist on office presence, while others recognize that office presence is not necessary.
Team sitzt zusammen Blog
New Work is currently on everyone’s lips and is seen by many as the answer to the demands of the modern working world.
Dell Blog
Companies are taking different approaches when it comes to remote work. Some are closing offices, others bring employees back.
Otto Group Blog
The Otto Group has decided to lower the room temperatures in many of its office buildings to 15, in some cases even to 6° C.
Audi Blog
The new “Hybrid Working” company agreement has been in force and enables employees to freely choose their work place.
Produktivitaet Blog
As a leader, you must learn to trust your employees. This is very important to keep your employees even in uncertain times.
Mitarbeiter Blog
Home office is becoming more and more popular. Today we would like to introduce you to the most important advantages.
Amazon Blog
In an interview, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said the company has no plans to force your employees to return to the office.
Hybrides Arbeiten
The federal cabinet has approved a new protective regulation. Employers are only to check home office and test offers.
Mitarbeitende Blog
It's up to you to actively support your employees in creating a work-friendly environment in the home office.
Team Blog
Many companies are currently facing the challenge of developing a functioning home office model for their employees.
Homeoffice Blog
According to a new study the hybrid work arrangement reduced the turnover rate in a large technology company by a full 35%
Mitarbeitende Blog
Will working from home possibly soon become compulsory again? If it were up to Mr. Habeck, then at least over Christmas.