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The era of New Work begins now and will define the next century

onyo - Your Marketplace for Remote Work

No more uncomfortable chairs that cause shoulder and neck pain.

Our mission

To ensure professional working conditions for your team members

To equip the homes of millions of home office users ergonomically and individually

To provide an excellent service for all parties

Our vision

onyo stands for sustainability in the working world:

Cost efficiency in the context of flexoffice,
healthier team members,
higher productivity through ergonomic setups,
occupational health and safety,
talent retention and employee experience.

Our team

onyo – that’s a multicultural team that couldn’t be more different. One half of the team consists of early risers, while the other half likes to set the alarm clock to “snooze”, which could also be due to the fact that some team members are native to other time zones. No “early birds”. Despite our different preferences, or perhaps because of them, we are able to offer you and your team members a customized home office solution.

When we’re not working, we host cool team events all over Europe. The photo was taken at our last team event in Tyrol.
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A few key facts about us

We love spacey wallpapers

Singing is not our strength

Enrico loves neither hot nor cold weather

Jens likes to bounce around on Swopper

The founders

Niao Wu and Jens Wöhrle launched onyo during the pandemic. With years of experience in workplace strategy and design, but also from IT, onyo is completely redesigning the future of work through digital processes!

Working at the coffee table is a thing of the past. Through our ecosystem, we unite employers and employees. The benefits are clear: lower employee turnover, healthier and more productive team members and cost efficiency in the flex office.

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Our customers

Companies that offer home offices score points with applicants and increase the satisfaction and loyalty of existing employees.
Robert Szvetecz, Country Manager at Robert Half

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20+ Employees

Represented in 4 nations

1 Mascot & 1 Vision

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