Our tips: Fit and healthy in home office

Are you perhaps also one of those people who are often plagued by fatigue and listlessness in the home office?

Today we would like to give you a few useful tips on how you can actively promote your health and at the same time work in a healthy and concentrated manner.

Ventilate your workspace regularly

You sit at your workplace for several hours every day and sooner or later you are surrounded by “stale” air. You find it difficult to concentrate because there is less oxygen in the room air. The result is often headaches, frequent yawning and fatigue. It is therefore all the more important that you ventilate your workroom several times a day. This is especially important during the heating season when the room climate is dry.

Drink coffee consciously

We all know that caffeine makes you awake, but only for a short time and in small amounts. If you drink too much coffee, you quickly become tired and unable to concentrate. We therefore recommend that you drink your morning cup or your espresso after a meal consciously, i.e. not while you are working. Take a small coffee break for this purpose.

Drink plenty of water

Our body needs an average of 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day. It is best to drink this amount throughout the day, but especially in the morning, as this will help you prevent headaches and fatigue in the afternoon. Instead of putting a water bottle on the table, we recommend that you rather get each glass separately, because this way you immediately provide some exercise. By the way, this also applies to the cup of tea in the cold season.

Pay attention to a healthy diet

If you often eat very heavy and a lot, you will quickly become tired and unfocused, thus putting a strain on your digestion. A varied diet with vegetables, fruit and fiber is therefore enormously important to stay fit. You will find fiber especially in whole grain products and legumes. For breakfast, we recommend a muesli with fresh fruit, and for lunch, for example, a pasta with fresh vegetables. Carrots, apples and nuts are also an excellent snack for in between meals. Again, try to consciously focus on eating.

Release tension through movement

The often very rigid posture in front of the screen can quickly lead to tension and back pain. The ability to concentrate also decreases after a short time. In order to get your circulation going, you should make sure that you move regularly during your workday, for example when you are on the phone or walking to the coffee machine. Small exercises can help relieve your tension. These can also be done at your desk. In addition, we recommend that you exercise regularly.

Sufficient sleep

In order for your brain and body to remain efficient, you should make sure that you get enough sleep. If you go to bed at the same time every day and get enough sleep, you will wake up in the morning much fresher and more refreshed. Many people find it difficult to rest in the evening if they have spent many hours in front of a screen during the day. We therefore recommend that you stop using electrical devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) before going to bed, because the luminous displays impair your day-night rhythm and thus lead to problems falling asleep. Instead, read a book, which should not be too exciting, so that you can switch off. 

Time out against stress

Frequent and continuous stress disturbs your metabolism and sleep. Therefore, take time out every day just for yourself to switch off and come to rest. Mental relaxation techniques are very suitable for this and at the same time promote your concentration. You can consciously counteract stress with simple mindfulness exercises. They have an extremely positive effect on your immune system and can also prevent depression and anxiety. Sports and sufficient exercise also ensure mental and physical relaxation. 

Maintain social contacts

Since you often work alone in a home office, feelings of isolation and loneliness can quickly arise. These quickly lead to fatigue and listlessness. It can help to maintain contact with other team members, even if they are physically separated from you. Contact your team members, write or talk to them. It is also conceivable to take a break together via video call.

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* Source: NDR

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