Modern employee benefits in the home office

Moderne Mitarbeiter-Benefits im Homeoffice

The world of work has changed, and with it, employees' demands on their employers have grown. In an era of increased home office working, it is becoming increasingly important to maintain employee satisfaction and ensure that the workforce remains motivated and engaged. The solution? Modern employee benefits tailored specifically to the needs of the home office. In this article, you'll learn how companies can easily offer their employees attractive additional benefits, even in the home office.

Leveraging digital employee benefits in the home office

Working from home undoubtedly brings several advantages, such as flexibility and time savings. At the same time, however, it also brings new challenges and demands in terms of employee satisfaction. This is where digital employee benefits come into play. These contemporary additional benefits enable companies to show their employees recognition and appreciation even when they are remote.

Digital employee benefits are easy to access and offer a variety of benefits that meet employees' needs and preferences. These benefits are not only financially attractive, but also easy to integrate into everyday work. Companies can thus ensure that the workforce enjoys the benefits they deserve.

Tax-free benefits in kind

Tax-free non-cash compensation is one of the most popular benefits among employees. Digital vouchers offer a flexible and cost-efficient way to reward employees, even in the home office. Companies can send their employees vouchers on a regular or one-off basis for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or special achievements. Whether for online shopping, streaming services, delivery services or other digital offerings, the choice is diverse and can be adapted in many ways to the individual preferences of employees.

What makes this approach even more attractive is the tax side. This means that both employers and employees benefit from this form of recognition. Employees receive a reward without deductions, and companies can claim this for tax purposes.

Digital meal allowance

The digital meal allowance has proven to be an extremely popular and practical option in the home office. In times when going to the canteen or having lunch with colleagues is no longer an option, this modern benefit solution still allows employees to benefit from a discounted lunch.

Instead of paper meal vouchers, meal receipts can simply be uploaded via app. Reimbursement is then made as part of the payroll process. This means employees have the freedom to enjoy their lunch at a restaurant of their choice or conveniently order from delivery services. Even the receipt for the snack bar next door or the supermarket visit can simply be scanned and uploaded. It gives them the freedom to decide flexibly and individually how to use their food budget.

50 Euro internet flat rate

The Internet flat rate is an extremely helpful benefit option in the home office. At a time when a reliable Internet connection is a basic requirement for efficient work, this flat rate can significantly help employees cover their Internet costs more easily.

One of the biggest benefits of this digital benefit is flexibility. Employees can use the allowance to pay their monthly Internet costs whether they work from home or are on the road. This approach considers the changing demands of the working world and the increasing importance of remote working.


Employee benefits in the home office: The key to employee satisfaction. In the age of the home office, modern employee benefits are becoming increasingly important. Companies that make good use of these benefits can not only increase employee satisfaction, but also enhance their attractiveness as an employer.

Tax-free benefits in kind, digital meal allowances and flat-rate Internet allowances are examples of innovative benefits that work particularly well in the home office. Not only do they offer employees more flexibility, but they also make administration easier for employers. Companies that use these benefits skillfully will not only benefit from more motivated employees, but also strengthen their position in the competition for skilled workers. Modern employee benefits in the home office are a win-win situation for employers and employees alike.

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