The reduction of office space has become a central topic in the discussion about the future of work. With the rise of New Work and hybrid working models, companies are looking for new approaches to make their work environments more efficient and meet the changing needs of employees. In this article, we will explore the importance of office space reduction in the context of New Work and hybrid working models and outline practical strategies for companies.

The importance of reducing office space in the era of New Work

In the era of New Work, the aim is to break up traditional working structures and create more flexible, collaborative and innovation-friendly working environments. The reduction of office space plays an important role in optimizing resources, reducing costs and promoting a more agile working culture.

Benefits of reducing office space for companies and employees

Reducing office space offers numerous benefits for both companies and employees. These include greater cost efficiency, an improved work-life balance thanks to flexible working options and increased employee satisfaction thanks to more modern working environments.

Implementing office space reduction: practical strategies and approaches

In order to successfully implement the reduction in office space, companies need to consider various strategies and approaches. These include the promotion of remote working and flexible working hours, the creation of multifunctional workspaces and the use of virtual collaboration technologies.

Promoting flexibility and collaboration in hybrid working models

Hybrid working models that include both on-site and remote working require flexible working environments that facilitate collaboration and communication. Companies should therefore rely on solutions that enable seamless collaboration regardless of the location of employees.

Technologies to support the reduction of office space and hybrid working models

A variety of technologies are available to support the reduction of office space and hybrid working models. These include virtual conferencing and collaboration tools, cloud computing solutions and smart office equipment that optimize the use of resources and facilitate collaboration.


Reducing office space is an important part of transforming work environments in the era of New Work and hybrid working models. By using office space more efficiently and offering more flexible working options, companies can reduce costs, increase employee satisfaction and promote a sustainable working culture.

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